Bad Gas odor

Anyone get a bad odor from there gas or oil that smells like methane

Methane is odourless. 

well that explains everything, Billy did your mom and dad ever talk to you about huffing.
seek some help many people have died from huffing Billy…

I don’t comment back on your comments because maybe this is your way of getting back on the world for getting picked on in highschool.  So ill let you do your thing so you don’t go on a rampage and go on a High School massacre.

And I meant the methane gas with the added chemical

the added chemical is found in natural gas, mercaptan (a chemical that has a sulfur like odor) is added before distribution, billy not methane.

I graduated high school over 24 years ago Billy… your program Algorithm is off; bad programing I guess bot-boy!!

FYI it’s also now added to the cans of compressed air we sell in our computer stock, and sales dropped 1/3 the minute they did…

always wondered why a can of just AIR costs way more than a can of hairspray or deodorizer…

ya they did that because too many kids were huffing compressed air and dying from it, guess kids don’t want to huff something that smells like rotten eggs.

I think he installed Vista on himself…  :imp:

“Permission to run Intelligence 2008: Allow or Deny”

Clicked Deny

You guys are the definition of computer geek

I’ll fix you, but your 15 year warranty is up. Sooooooo…

Throws teh bot in teh trash