Back to the Future is on!


Back to the Future is on channel 20, right now.

The Libyans!

Heh, McFly’s mother is Caroline in the City. Didn’t realize that until I watched it again.

I am surprised! The wireless port in your forehead must be malfunctioning.

It’s a firewire port.

On a similar note, M. J. Fox used to be in Family Ties and his girlfriend in the show was Courteney Cox from Friends. Just checking if you knew this one. :smiley:


Yeah, that I knew. Courtney Cox got her big break from Brian de Palma when he put her in the Bruce Springsteen video for “Dancing in the Dark.”

Which reminds me of Ronald Reagan using “Born in the USA” as a campaign song. Funny. Guess he didn’t listen to the lyrics.

i used to have a crush on the caroline in the city.

I liked her neighbour/friend.

I’m trying to find the connection to “The Usual Suspects” but I can’t find it… hmm… I think it’s time for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

I watched Back to the Future on TBS. Only, over here its not channel 20, its channel 51. And most of the time its commercial-free hardcore porn.

Is that on the second monitor ?

Check it out! This is what we were talking about two years ago!

Cant have a back to the future topic without