Looks like shithead strikes again…intruder in the house at 7 this morning,must have pissed him off when we got up as he was going out the door,chased him but not quick enough…Cassiar end of town…

time to buy a paint ball gun… shoot him as hes running away… ( in the legs / feet )

Bigger GUN…

Forget the police. If somebody catches the guy, make sure he’s tied to the top of the tree (preferably pine trees) on the summit of Mt. Hays, and see if he learned his lesson yet. People like him are given multiple chances of reintegrating into society, yet they seem to like to go back for another round of ass reaming.

Certain people in Rupert really need a Malaysian-style corporate punishment.

where did they enter the house?.. through a locked door? just curious.

If you catch him or her , call the RCMP . Do these words still get accepted " He fell down while he was running away " ?

I’m sure in certain situations they are quite poignant.

Don’t kid yourself, the police already know who it is… they just need enough evidence to satisfy the courts to lay a charge. You know… the whole way beyond a reasonable doubt thing.

PS. yes, the whole “he fell down while running away” still works, but hopefully he falls while still inside your house!

Ti’s the season for stupidity to be repeated. Hope he gets caught before he “slips and falls” in his next victims house or worse he does more than just a b&e. Wish the cops would just take him off the street since they probably know who he is.

You can’t just take someone off of the street, that would be unlawful detainment. You have to have proof beyond reasonable doubt. Sheesh… I’m glad people like you don’t rule this country, or we’d be being dragged off of the street without cause or anything, because you were upset that day. Our country isn’t run on Marshal law. If you want that, go south of the boarder and live down there.

Who is this Marshal guy, and does he ride a snow or a skate board?

I could swear I wrote Martial…

I wouldn’t mind Marshal Matt Dillon, he would kick @ss or Walker Texas Ranger - Chuck Norris would take care of him too :smiley: