B.C. Hydro

It was just brought to my attention that B.C. Hydro was upgrading a residential service this a.m. It seems as though the crew up and left until tomorrow because the owner didn’t have everything ready for the reconnect. Apparently, he told the crew he needed 20 minutes to make one last run to the meter.

Regardless of the particulars of the story, I’m sure B.C. Hydro could have accommodated the owner some how. I guess these parents of two small children can take some relief that it wasn’t Dec.

'very disappointing

One last run to the meter, what are you saying here sounds like he bypassed teh meter for a grow opp or somthing and had to disconect it before bc hydro did there work lol.

Crestview ? lol

Turns out the crew showed up at the end of the day to finish what they started. My bad. . Open mouth…insert foot!