B.C. Hydro clown show

B.C. Hydro…what an effing joke

How long has the power been out? What’s the cause?

Well its up too 5 hours now …power went down at 11:30 am…Hydros power outage sight still says …electricians are on route…still no new updates …supposed to be a transmission circuit failure …if it’s not between here and there generator …should it really take over 5 hours to turn on the back up power ??Even if crews are comming from terrace ?

Power came back a few minutes ago.

Sweet …it’s all good …never was an emergency anyways after I found out that the liquor warehouse stayed open during the outage .

I’m sure the crews do there best , it’s too bad they have to get called out from terrace though just to throw on the generator.

Transmission blew, and the back-up generator won’t work. We can certainly blame the scorching hot weather we had for the past few days, and the works of Friday the 13th.

Kudos to the hydro crews for battling the power gremlins.

Indeed! I also appreciate the efforts of the BC Hydro crew! :slight_smile:

Dam 2 day heat wave must of overloaded the system …all those plug in fans .