B.C. Housing

B.C. housing on McKay st. Is an embarrassment to our city the grass is uncut and the condition off the exterior is horrible. Have some respect for the people who live there and clean it up.

There have been complaints from tenants about the lack of lawn care etc . BC Housing has contracted out Prince Rupert operations Makola Housing I did notice while driving by yesterday that lawns at their properties on the east end were being cut by the same outfit that did them in the past so hopefully its in the works for the west end properties as well.

or bc housing can just buy a lawnmower and every week a few tenants can do it to make cash . im sure some of them living there can make extra cash. be a lot cheaper than paying a company.

LOL@ that great idea but guess you have never worked for a large goverment organization … never happen with liability issues and other red tape

Yup lots of bs