B.C. declares state of emergency, 180-plus wildfires burning


A year ago our friends in Alberta were hit hard. Now BC is under a state of emergency.



All the news coverage shows what effect media has on the public. Small fire here yesterday way south of town. There were lineups at every gas station, rush at the grocery stores, rumours flying, phones ringing - pack your bags - all over FB.
Nothing on the radio but people were willing to believe ‘they wouldn’t warn us’.
Took this pic and went to the gas station to buy an ice cream but they were crowding the gas pumps. Inside someone said the fire had already reached Camp Morice, the road was about to be closed, the power about to go out… people started buzzing even more.
That camp is on the shore of the lake, the white dots way to the right. You can clearly see the fire’s miles off and the wind blowing it the opposite way. But like current politics, some people simply refuse to believe what they can see with their own eyes!


We now have a camp fire ban here in the Northwest.


I was going to phone the kids and use a thick German accent and ask “Is Terrace Burning?” but they’re too young to get the reference.
After our visit there, more likely to ask “Has it stopped bloody raining? Reached room temperature yet?”


Just too wicked not to share:


That’s not funny at all.



The Sutherland fire here is 80% contained yet ‘out of control’? Cool weather and intermittent rain countered the wind.
But now the evacuation alert area in the Cariboo’s been extended to include Green Lake… arrggh… the family cabin. PG is filling up with evacuees from Williams Lake area. Yesterday there were a LOT of campers and RVs in the WalMart parking lot.
2 weeks ago the casino in PG knuckled under and banned overnight RVs in their parking lot - pressure from campground owners. It only took a couple days for them to reverse the policy - just before all this began.
Looks like the family in the Lower Mainland won’t get visited this summer, we’ll have to visit those in Terrace again.


We were extremely smokey here in Edmonton this afternoon, but we just had a good rain storm. I wish some of the rain that we’ve had in the Northwest would head down in to the interior.