Go see it.  Best 3-D effect I’ve seen so far.  Sure the story is something similar to The Last Samurai and the symbolism  sometimes seems a little preachy but it is quite a visual feast. 

Sounds good, BigThumb:) 
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Avatar.  I think it is a winner!  I’ll buy the DVD and watch it.

i was actually very pleased with the movie. Graphics were amazing, i didn’t mind the story line at all, yea it was a bit preachy but i wouldn’t say it was over the top by any stretch.

Is the version showing in Rupert in 3D?  Do they give you glasses?

Just spoke to my daughter, MiG.  They didn’t offer glasses to her.

The version showing in Prince Rupert, while not 3D, is still stunning. Avatar is a visual orgy.

I’m too tired thanks to work to see this in the evenings, so I am planning on catching it on Boxing Day in 3-D. My husband and son saw it on Monday and my son (a tech nut who is totally into gaming and creating short videos) can’t seem to shut up about it. I bypassed “Titanic” years ago because I prefer SF to romance, looks like Cameron finally got around to merging the two together again… :smiley:

A visual feast, but an old storyline. I think I last saw this one as a western.

Dances with Wolves in space?

You pegged it!  :smiley:

Yes,  the story is similar to both that movie and the Last Samourai. 

looks like planet 51 the whole human on another planet scenario  :smiley:

so what movies are not old storylines anymore?

It may be an “old storyline” (it’s been done before “Dances”, I’ve been told) but the 3-D version is so sweetly dazzling, neither my daughter nor myself really could care less. She was thinking it was going to be lame but damned if she didn’t walk out singing it’s praises! Cameron does sell Pandora very effectively, my only complaint about this movie that it’s not going to be as wonderfully overwhelming as a DVD on my tv screen. sighs Oh well, guess I’ll settle for seeing it one more time in 3-D whenever it makes it to Victoria. I don’t think it will be too hard convincing the kids to come with me,lol.

One of my fave commentators has posted his theory about why “Avatar” has managed to get such a huge audience, it’s cracked the one billion mark after only 17 days of release. Warning, his article does contain some spoilery material…

sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c … 122609.DTL


I usually stay completely away from fantasy-crap kinda movies like this… but wow… I liked it. 

I have alluded to “Dances With Wolves” as a similar plot to Avatar. Actually the first time I ran into a similar story it was “Fuzzy Sapiens” another Sci-Fi by H. Beam Piper, and it was an allegorical tale of a battle in India during British rule.

While people are throwing around stories with similar plots, you can probably add the Disney version of Pocahontas.

I was thinking the same thing when i saw it

Movies and books will often have the same themes attached them, but the issue with Avatar is that its a blatant rip off of Pocahontas.

Check out this link: twitpic.com/wt1lk

It’s a pretty funny how they found Cameron’s notes.