Avatar not working? Try uploading a new one

I think I messed up the transfer to the new server, and didn’t copy some avatars properly.  Unfortunately I no longer have direct access to the server (it’s not mine), so I can’t just copy them again. 

So, if your avatar isn’t working, please try uploading a new one. 

Mig, now this is all done or said and done, Codybear called me and she just can not get onto HTMF period, I tried her system and it just says it is no longer available. She wants to know what to do next.

Check here: 

hackingthemainframe.com/smf/inde … #msg146290

Did she try restarting her computer?  What does it say when she does the nslookup thing?

Is there an error message?  If so, what is it?