Avatar elitism

If i change my Avatar, isaac will spit-up on me. Oh, but he already does that! Doesn’t he look like a little Russian man?

he scares me to no end

About the Futurama avatar thing, I almost changed my avatar to the robot cop, who is the greatest character in that show.

However, I am now thinking of changing my avatar to a 1990 Buick LeSabre.

:smiley: I like the one Im using now, but next week i might not, lol…my avators change with my mood swings, My name is astrothug and i dont play well with other’s…lol… :smiling_imp:

sigh i need a new avatar… duno what though…

i agree. sexual avatars lead me to think of promiscuity. enough said.

In soveit russia baby beats you.