Avatar elitism

This thread is for those of us who haven’t change their avatar to the stupid looking characters of Futurama. Here we can exchange laugh at the expense of others. Scrub, Nomadic, T-bone, Eso, lets create our own clique and delete any post by these inferior avatars.

What can I say? I’m a man of substance.

I was thinking of a slogan like " Avatar Pride" or something but this seems to be quite controversial lately in these pages.

pimp clique gansta trique!

triques are for kids silly bird

Ah you’re just bitter 'cause all the good Futurama characters are taken.

What are we going to do about those posts?

triques are for kids silly bird[/quote]

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids?

I say we edit them!

Sounds good. Here’s the plan: you do it first. I watch and see what happens and then I may take part as well.

ok. I will do it incognito. I will wear a paper bag on my head while I edit.

By the way, talking about paper bags on head, l’homme-derrière was a great little movie.

Hmm… if I remember, I’ll put it online later…

Merci, but too bad there was so little dialogue. I’ll probably end up losing marks for that.

Man, that french is hard. It’s like a totally different language.

I know, its all like le wire is broken and stuff.

Hello my name is Pubert. I am new to this forum. I play fair and I expect you to do the same. Have a wonderful evening.


I vote for Pubert to be the president of our gansta clique trique.

I was wondering if anyone had any avatars that I can use. I can’t seem to find anything that suits me. Thank you.

I’m not so sure that is a good idea. I am already heavily involved with Yu-gi-ho club, Student Support Network, Intellect Alliance of America, 4H, and various Christian groups. Thanks anyway, it is very appreciated. Kinda makes a man feel good knowing that he is wanted.

You forgot to mention that you’re also the president of the Swingline Staplers Collectors Association.