I was just driving past Audiovision and I saw the Open sign flashing away so we went inside and they were selling all their old stuff for pretty cheap. The owner said that they were trying to get rid of all their old stuff so they could restock everything! I ended up leaving with a few dvds and some classic N64 games :smile:

LOL, well judging by the age of some of the stuff I remember from there I guess they’ll be bringing in Pong now anyday…

Yeah, that place has been closed for years.  They would have games that even older people like me could play:-)

They open up once and a while. At weird hours. Isn’t that the lady who own’s Eastwind’s brother?

I got to get me one of those hats that have been in those windows for years  :smiley:

Ray who owns Audio Vision, his wife’s brother is Joyce’s (lady who owns Eastwind) husband.

I could sure use some N64 games.

Or better yet, SNES games.

You could do better than that.  I’m sure you could pick up some games for the old Intellivision thats getting dusty up in the attic.  Audio Vision could stop being an electronics store and start being an antique store without changing a thing.

I could go for Intellivision, but that’d just be buying for the sake of getting something old.

I get SNES/Super Famicom stuff because the SNES was the best console to exist. ;_;

lmao…that’s awesome.  :smiley: :mrgreen:

I was in town ten years ago for a wedding, I swear that the same stuff is in the window now as was back then.

It was.