ATV or Quad rentals on Queen Charlotte Islands

Does anyone have any contacts on the queen charlottes for renting or borrowing or beerorrowing a quad or two sometime in October ? Looking for some backup beach access in Tlell or Masset if anyone has any hookups over there.

Or even an old gaffer we can bribe with beer to hang out and drive up east beach in the middle of 40 knots to pickup some crazy kids ?

sounds like a movie plot

there will be filming involved, yeah. but here’s a spoiler :

Is that photo in Squamish?

Yep thats Squamish.

i wanna do that lol

I wanna see you do that!!  :smiley:

I lived in Squeemish for 4 years but never got around to trying it. It looks like fun.

Had a front page shot run in the paper though, I was excited at the time because I hadn’t gotten into photography much so this was close to the start. … 097381818/

its pretty radical, a bit expensive to get into if you need lots of lessons but its such a trip, you fly this giant teched out kite and wakeboard or surf around. a million spots to do it too once you have the gear and the experience.

Squamish is a tough place to learn because of the river curent, I wonder how it would be here with our huge tides. I know Ocean Wild Adventures is thinking of doing something with kiteboarding and lessons. Mike’s thinking of getting his training certificate.

Mike who ?  I’d be interested in talking to him about that.

Squamish is a pretty chill place to learn because the wind is super consistent & there is a rescue with cute girls who come pick you up from bozo beach (the downwind location all beginners end up again and again) for $150 a season. It’s also offshore so there is less chance for a fatal accident where someone is blown into shore and beaten on rocks. Basically if you f*ck up in Squamish you just get yarded into the water, with nothing hard for a half k downwind.

The lame part about Squamish is how cold the river is…I haven’t really scoped Rupert out that well for spots but I did score one session last September at Tugwell Island. Waters way warmer anyway !

Matt you were kite surfing at Tugwell?  Pretty hardcore man would have never thought to go there.  How about doing it in the Skeena it has consistent wind and the worst thing you might run into is a sand bar. 

BTW get in touch I might be able to dig you up some contacts for the Charlottes. 

Mike is the owner of Ocean Wild Expeditions. He and his wife are nice folks to talk to.
They also teach diving out of there.

Tugwell was an exploratory mission, I think it was Tugwell anyway ? This is on the west side of tugwell, riding through some kelp beds.

Well Tugwell is just outside of Metlakatla pass, pretty hard to confuse it.  Looks like fun!