Attention SCUBA divers and underwater naturalists

Are you interested in a new SCUBA diving club in Prince Rupert? Then attend the first meeting at Third Avenue Cafe on Dec.4th, 2010, at 11am.

There will be a slide show on the local dive sites and free refreshments.

Will reply to if attending so that we may organize the refreshments.


Thank you to everyone who came to the first meeting of the new scuba diving club in Prince Rupert. It was a great turnout.

The next meeting will be on January 11th at 630pm at the Search and Rescue hut located behind the Lester Center.

Items On the agenda so far are:

  1. Name for new club
  2. Membership fees or not?
  3. Identify volunteers interested in sitting on the Board of Directors
  4. Upcoming diving activities
  5. Video on the Commercial Geoduck Fishery