Yeah, I know…yet another stupid story.  I can’t help myself though:-)  I love weird stories:  Big Foot, UFOs, etc.
Has Google Ocean found Atlantis?


Atlantis was a device used by Plato (and he didn’t even mention it, a fictional character mentions it in a dialogue).  Everyone then knew it was a fictional place.  Somehow people now take that mention by a fictional character in a fictional dialogue to be absolute proof that it existed. 

This is just a scanning error, in that they didn’t scan the “walls” you see with the same resolution camera that they did for inside the “walls”, so it appears as contrast.

You see the same effect everywhere else in Google Earth, including Prince Rupert.  But nobody’s freaking out saying that there is a rift in the space-time continuum in Prince Rupert harbour:

thats the big maze the thes  crabs of  crabonia built for races . its quite similar to the coliseum in rome they borrowed the idea after one escsaped from there.

Interesting link on how they get the photos at popphoto. … they-do-it

Looks like that area is about 150 km wide ny 150 kn long. Thats a lot of space.

Damn…looks like I’ll need to take off my tinfoil hat for a bit. :smiley:

Like the stories of the old testament and the city of Troy, it probably had its origins in a grain of truth. … _and_thera