Asus EEE Trix

These puppies are so cool!

Instant access to terminal: CTRL-ALT-T

start Terminal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get kicker
sudo apt-get ksmserver

You now have a full desktop option in the shutdown menu. Click it to reboot to normal Linux desktop. It will default back to the Easy Desktop unless you set it in Personalization or click it on shutdown. BONUS: the wireless will auto-connect in full desktop mode.

there’s my tip of the day

I plugged in my Samsung laser and clicked ADD PRINTER - local and it found it instantly. Made 1 adjustment in settings to gdi mode. All in all it was faster to install than it was to get the Windows driver disk, and wait for it to boot.

Q: Anyone know of a Linux app similar to NetSetMan in Windows???

Cool #2
Before Vista can boot up to the login prompt, I’ve cold started the EEE, connected wireless logged in, and made a post on HTMF.
It’s Vista… locked up like a drum just surfing HTMF again.
Hey MiG, YOUR web forum broke my computer again

Hey, I just installed “Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs” – which is like Windows XP lite.

You want to be adventurous and try it on the EEE? 

Never even heard of that one!
I sort of feel the same as I do about Parallels on my Mac, why ruin a perfectly good computer?

I would like to try it when I get more in, the EEE got put inside a drawer of a jewelry box under the tree at Christmas. I have to ask the boss if she’ll let me play with it now.
(took her a good 10 minutes to realize it wasn’t in Easy Desktop mode this morning!)

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is an official Microsoft Windows version that’s meant to be run on Windows 98-class computers.  It needs like 64MB of RAM to run.

It’s basically a stripped-down version of XP SP2.  Very quick on old hardware, and just flies on newer stuff (and inside VMware).    A typical install is about 1/8th or 1/10th the size of an XP install.

I think it would run just great on an EEEPC.

Some screenshots

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Very cool, MiG :sunglasses:

I’ll take a copy from the russians, cd or a vmware image  :wink:

Hmmm… is it possible to boot the EEE from a USB drive?

Should the Russians ever release it, I would like to try it on something else first.

Exhibiting TGB (typical guy behaviour), I haven’t read the man that is supposed to include instructions how to install XP on it.
Googling reveals it is supposed to be able to boot from either USB or the SD slot, but there’s a lot of grief sometimes. I haven’t even tried to get into the BIOS.

I am so confident in the little puppy I’m ordering 3 to 6 of them Monday for our shop. Soon as I figure out how to make it recognize an SD card as 2nd hard-drive and not pop up the pesky “view files - view pictures” window when it boots.

and hmmmmm my new Mac OS is still sitting there in the box uninstalled…

Those Russian servers are on dialups…

All night long and still 3 1/2 hours to go at 26.4…

The Russians may be downloading and uploading more than one thing at a time, and have saturated their link.  Should be faster now.

These are little things of beauty!!!
In the Connection Manager you can create and store as many network & wireless configs as you need. It also stores them itself when you make a connection out roaming.
So I was able to create a list of connections with static IPs and name them (ie 192.168.1LAN - 172.16.1LAN - 204,244.94LAN etc)
Just like with XP and NetSetMan, I choose the network I want, click connect and viola! I can plug into a radio, pick the default network and CONNECT. Set it all up, set it in router mode and click DISCONNECT. Look for DHCP LAN and CONNECT.
No bullshit like on XPs configs, no extreme bullshit like Vista, and when I say I want it to be on a 128 subnet with a gateway of 129, it fucking does it without popping up warnings that I’m a potential idiot and Billy Gates knows better.
What this mens is that the Eee is perfect for most fieldwork where you’re doing network setups, pinging, ssh’ing, telnetting and configuring through an HTML interface. And it fits in your coat pocket and sits in one hand…
I’m ordering another Monday for the shop, just because the last one in stock is white and will get dirty in the field. I could probably even make do with the little 2G unit but they’re too hard to add RAM to, and I’m startled at how quick these units are with 1GB of base RAM.

heres a link 4 those who aren’t connected with the russians … Legacy_PCs