Ass Clown

One thing I just got duped by Belsey’s office.

Phone rang this afternoon, my call display said private/private…ahh what the hell I’ll answer it anyway.

It was Belsey’s office…damn it! Lady on the other end was like all oh so good I can reach you. Have you decided how you are voting?

I said not sure but you have a big strike against you for hiding your call. I said I dont normally answer calls that show up as private/private on my call display but decided to cause I was bored. She didnt know what to say, but its to protect his office she finally came out with. Bah, ya right I said I can lookup the number of that office pretty easy.

I said I think its cause if people knew who was calling they wouldnt answer the phone and thats sneaky, underhanded and dishonest. Tell Bill if he wants my vote to be at least honest about that…buh bye…and hung up on her. Bill Belsey == Ass Clown

You got to use your word finally!

Well, being Tuesday here are two things I have noticed for people who can’t decide between Belsey or Coons. Herb Pond wrote yesterday that ridings represented by the governing party always fare better. Second, that the latest predictions from The Tyee show a pretty comanding Liberal lead.

Shit, I almost forgot I had to vote today haha! Now just to find out where… :confused:

I can’t believe the Liberals are in the commanding lead…well, I can…but people should be smarter.
Civic Centre is where the voting is going on, Corrupt_File.

Then how come this riding (North Coast) has been hit the hardest, despite Bill Belsey being part of the government?

I think that ridings with good representatives do better, doesn’t matter about the party. That’s the problem we’ve had here, Belsey’s just not representing us at all, he’s representing Victoria to us.

I am not in Rupert. Found the polling station none-the-less.