AspireOne 10"

Is now getting blown out of Future Shop for $299. So is the MSI Wind.
Pretty good deal, as I have 2 on the shelf that cost $404 wholesale a couple months back.
I have just re/re’d my Toshiba to Windows7, snapped in 2GB and it runs really well. Better than it did with XP and 1GB (plus I blew all the OEM crap away).
I have read that the NB200 has a slightly better Atom than the AspireOne and a warning that the Acers are awful to do a RAM upgrade on (I did one once - aggh!)
But even with XP and 1GB for $299… works fine…

Went into PG Staples again at 10:30 am. Two customers and the usual ‘all staff hide in the back and peer out until they leave’ routine. Last month’s Asus EEE 1000 display still up and still no EEEs. Clearance bin full of routers marked down to $119 that I sell in the Fort for $89 regular. Thought Acronis 11 was a game. Can’t emphasize how useless this location is.

Hey herbie:)
I’ve been waiting for Ubuntu 9.10 to come out so I can try out a dual boot with XP on my Toshiba NB200.  Have you tried out Linux on the NB200 yet?  Any issues?

I had no problem at all upgrading the RAM on my Acer laptop.

Haven’t run it on my NB200. I’m about to whack XP from my AspireOne SSD. Unusable, totally unusable even on the 2nd gen model. 6 mos of updates, the thing’s so unresponsive you run NetsetMan, go for a smoke while it applies, then you have to check with ipconfig to see if it really did apply before you use it. Thought it would be ok to dump off on my techs, but they’re requesting me to install Ubuntu and teach them to use it.
I really wish there was an app like NetsetMan for Ubuntu, we have to change networks 2 or three times per setup.

Hitest: I meant the AspireOne model. The access panel does not lead to the RAM slot on those. You have to disassemble the whole damn unit to get to the empty RAM slot, even then it only allows you to add 1GB, there’s 512Mb on the board and it won’t read 2.5!