Asian Gifts Store

Now I know I might have butchered the name - it’s near East Wind (can’t remember if it’s right beside East Wind, but I don’t think so).  Anyways - does anyone know what the deal is with when they are open?  There doesn’t appear to be any signs stating the hours - and the one time I did happen to see the sign in the window switched to ‘open’, the door was locked and nobody was in there.   

And I have seen it in the window - so if anyone knows where ELSE I might be able to get one, that would be appreciated too!  It’s a wok strainer.

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you can get them at any asian store like roses or the one by the government office

Well thanks for the Rose’s tip - but the one by the government office is the one I was talking about above - the one that has no set hours and wasn’t open when the sign said ‘open’. 

oh i thought you were talking about the one by the eye docs.

Gea’s pro vision

Gaea’s Pro Vision is teh awesome.

Well seeing as I started this thread 3 months ago - Rupert lost me as a ‘wok strainer’ customer.  I bought one in Grande Prairie over the holidays.