Ashlee Simpson Caught Lipsyncing on SNL

Check this out:


It took a few times to work, but yeah, pretty funny.

And the signoff:

Last night the official NBC SNL forum thread for that show was getting three replies a minute until the site stopped responding for me. Now it has 51 pages.

she walked off saterday night live, last night when they fucked up the song…lol… they all lip…too funny… :laughing:
Blamming the band…lol… for what they sing for her too, lol…she a bimbo…
I think there was a hand up her ass pulling the wrong string to her mouth.

i want pr0n of her not this. boo

ahahahah that shits hilarious good find DH

She is deffinately no Dance Dance Revolution, such a myself.

I don’t understand what she was trying to do?

dancing like a gay always throws away a problem, didn’t you know that?

she’s still hot

hahaha when did broke nose ugly bitches become hot?

bahah i agree, i don’t think she has much talent honestly, she’s just a fn shadow to jessica.

It’s sad just because you have hook ups how far you can go. That’s evident not only in show business but in every aspect of life.

I want hook ups!

No doubt! She’s sooooooooooooo ugly, and has NO talent what-so-ever! But now that she’s pulled a “Milli-Vanilli” maybe she’ll be gone for good.


Who are some other busted lip-synchers?

Hahahahaha… MSNBC News is quoting her father as saying that the “tape” was used because she had a hoarse throat due to heartburn and couldn’t sing. Whatever. Sounds like bullshit to me. Sorry Ashlee… but you’re BUSTED!!! :laughing:

I bet 8/10 entertainers on SNL and other various shows lip sync… we all know what live music sounds like and what we hear on TV definately is not live. duh

[size=18]she is pretty!![/size]

Nope, sorry. Jessica = HOT / Ashlee = NOT!!! It’s just that simple.

ashlee is not hot.

I disagree, Ashlsee has a pretty unique voice, jessica’s sounds like all the other pop singers voices.

So if she really does sing her crap herself, i think she is really talented.

I thought they were talking about looks?