As Predicted: Encryption Haters Are Already Blaming Snowden For The Paris Attacks

It really was less than two months ago that we noted that, having lost the immediate battle for US legislation to backdoor encryption, those in the intelligence community knew they just needed to bide their time until the next big terrorist attack. Here was the quote from Robert Litt – the top lawyer for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence from September:

Although “the legislative environment is very hostile today,” the intelligence community’s top lawyer, Robert S. Litt, said to colleagues in an August e-mail, which was obtained by The Post, “it could turn in the event of a terrorist attack or criminal event where strong encryption can be shown to have hindered law enforcement.”

NYT Quietly Pulls Article Blaming Encryption in Paris Attacks

“The attackers are believed to have communicated using encryption technology, according to European officials who had been briefed on the investigation but were not authorized to speak publicly,” the article, which has since been removed, stated.

The same people who are speaking publicly about what they’re not being allowed to speak publicly about say its all Snowden The Traitor’s fault too.

Well, it turns out the opposite is true. The Paris suspects used unencrypted communications. I don’t suppose they’ll outlaw that now, will they?

Yet news emerging from Paris — as well as evidence from a Belgian ISIS raid in January — suggests that the ISIS terror networks involved were communicating in the clear, and that the data on their smartphones was not encrypted.

After hearing a rummor and a little googling, people are saying that ISIS has been known to communicate over the Playstaion Network with PS4’s. I have also heard of other criminal organizations using simiular gaming console networks to pass their messages on.