Are your paper carriers about to have a lot of free time on their hands?

If the tone of a media bulletin earlier this month from the union representing local workers at the Prince Rupert Daily News is any indication, things seem to be reaching a boil when it comes to the ongoing negotiations between the union and Glacier Ventures.

An October 2nd update provided some background on the state of negotiations which saw the the CEP the union representing local 2000 receive a strong strike mandate in pursuit of a successful resolution over their concerns with management…

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Who needs the snews when you have the PODUNK ster.
You should fire up your own news paper on line.  Hire the likes of George T and you would have a good product.  Would be profitable in the way that you wouldnt need a publisher editor…all the over head that the snews has.

Podunk doesn’t do sports or I wouldn’t read the snooze either.

I couldn’t read it yesterday… darn kid didn’t deliver!  AGAIN!! 

Perhaps the delivery kid was practicing for job action later in the month :astonished:

As for sports, we do make observations on hockey mostly NHL mind you, over at HockeyNation,

that is when breaking Podunkian developments don’t get in the way :imp: