Are you better off today than you were five years ago?

The Mayor has penned his weekly contribution to the Northern View, his version of the fireside chat to cheer on the locals about the issues of the day.

This week’s edition brings to mind the campaign for President of the eighties by Ronald Reagan, who once asked Americans if they were better today than they were four years ago. It was part of his closing commments during the 1980 election debate and spelled the end of the Carter presidency.
While the Mayor didn’t form his update in the style of a question, he did go forward to make his case that the times are better…

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Actually when I look at my pay stubs from 5 years ago, I had more take home pay and gas hydro insurance etc cost less. That said I work in a more stable environment that what I did previously so I make less money but there is less stress and we still manage okay.