Are Wolves stalking Mayor Pond?

United Press International, one of the worlds major information services, has hopped onto the great wolf debate in Prince Rupert, tallying up the count at 136 wolf sightings in Prince Rupert in less than a year and sharing some interesting details of our current situation with their clients around the world.

In the piece placed in their Quirks section, they recount a story from the CBC about a close encounter between Mayor Herb Pond and a pair of wolves in the city. That might come as a surprise to those critics of the mayor who suggest that he spends too much time out of town, after all if he’s running into wolves now, he must be spending a bit more time around the city one would think.

The CBC featured the debate on Daybreak North, with an interview with Conservation Officer Chris Pryce who has been investigating the sudden surge of sightings.

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Are Wolves Stalking Mayor Pond[/quote]

Podunkian… entirely unsporting of you to get all our hopes up with your subject line…


Yes, the laws of nature! That would be nice on that!subject…LOL :smile: But I guess you’ve heard wolves, don’t eat Junk Food!!!

  I think that I like that statement, Yeah I would bet he has a lot of junk food in him with all the bullshit that comes out of his face. What was that he said last week re wolves he was confronted by two wolves and he was never so happy to be in his car. Does he know there are many two legged wolves in town who may confront him about his fine job he is not doing?

Re; Hizworship, I remember the comment that Herbs opponent made in a mayoralty election,
Ron Lovell said, as only Ron could say,
“In my experience I find most ponds are usually quite pretty but they are never very deep” 
Ron where are you when we need you.