Are things always greener (and the bugs apparently don't fly) on the other side

While Prince Rupert residents have been busy grumbling about the recent tax notices issued by the City of Prince Rupert, they might be surprised to learn that in Prince George, we are being held up as some kind of promised land for those that have to pay.

Granted it’s only one letter to the editor writer offering up the example of a more parsimonious and pleasant Podunk, but you need to take your public relations gifts wherever they come from eh…

The frustrations of the taxpayer get a review below, the Rupert relevant passage highlighted in red… though we suspect that N. McLean hasn’t been here when the no see em’s come out, nor seen the state of many of the local roads and sidewalks here of late…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 2320160341 )-

I call Shenanigans on $1000 taxes in Rupert.

Utilities alone are about $700 or so. So their property tax would have to be LESS than $300 in order to be “under $1000 without the grant”.

Unless their property is worth about $25,000 or so. Which is not very believable, since most lots are worth more than that without any buildings.

What do you think?

Yep, I tend to agree with you. I think they were just using the Rupert angle as a way to stir up the shit, much like we do with the always constant chatter of Terrace.

It’s really hard to compare PG and Rupert though, they have a number of services and industrial base that we don’t have, a larger population and one giant expense, snow removal that we couldn’t handle if we ever had the same kind of winter here.

Makes for good theatre though, and hardly anyone ever thinks twice about fact checking a letter to the editor eh!