Are doctor's at fault for their patients abuse deaths?

watching this in the news right now, they are wanting to hang the doctor who prescribed to the two wrestlers who have died. personally i dont hold the doctor reponsible, these two guys knew what they were doing, and the possible outcome of those drugs. there seems to be a huge double standard in these types of deaths, i dont hear of anyone going after the lcb for alcohol deaths, the consumer accepts all reponsibillity by consuming it. if it kills you thats your fault for “misuse” they say. a doctor gives it to you, you misuse it, now its his fault? how can one be the users fault but the other they pin the doctor? i see these types of “double standards” everywhere in life. get drunk and kill someone with your car, is it the liquor stores fault? how bout blaming ford for supplying kids with cars that triple the speed limit? never is it their fault and nobody would even think to blame them. how many fat guys died yesterday from over feeding, is anyone going to accuse mcdonalds? the cook at ronnies killed him with all that grease? his wife for cooking it for him? not at all, we hold them responsible for doing it to themselves, we never blame the suppliers for what is a very avoidable death caused by over consumption of liquor, food, tobacco, im not sure how steroids are different.
        if that doctor said “no way” he would have gone elsewhere, they are as available as any other drug, it was best they came from a doctor. it seems we as a society love to lay blame, we never ever want to take a personal ownership for poor health caused from our lifestyle, we claim ignorance and place blame anywhere but where it belongs which is on ourselves. take away all the steroids and you can say goodbye to 90% of all physical sport, 
ahh bullshit you say, no, you are ignorant. all steroid users lie, they have to. we demand the performance that can only be obtained by enhancement, but call the enhancement “cheating”.
      the olympics would have performance levels like in the fourties if they stopped it, that is a fact. professional atheletes are under incredible preasure to achieve that level of performance, and it is expected they will participate in whatever activity that will produce those results, if you dont your gone, there are plenty of others willing to do just that. there is a saying in pro sport, "you must be willing to do everything and anything to improve your performance, if your not you are not really serious and should quit to make room for someone else who is “serious”. pro athletics actually have nothing at all to do with being healthy,usually the winner is the one that is the nearest to their death. in body building using drugs is called “getting serious”, when asked “when did you get serious” they are asking when the juice started. wrestling and body building are two sports where success without anabolics is impossible, nobody can look like that naturally and the ones that deny it are simply liars. they do what we want them to do, and it kills them. we then dont blame our hero ohh no, it was his doctor. he wanted more than the average life, he wanted to stand out, have fame and money and did what would make that happen. when the consequence for that finally arrives blame is put on someone else, not the one who put a needle in his ass three times a day.

If the doctor knows someone is going or already is  abusing the drugs they have been given and prescribes them anyway then yes they are negligent and responsible for the death. If the doctor does their due diligence, explains the hazards of overdosing and does not have any reason to suspect the patient will abuse them then no they are not responsible.

Of course wants this gets dragged through the courts the waters will muddy up.

The doctors are the ones prescribing the drugs they should no that there patients are abusaing it and not prescribe it anymore, the doctors should be tried in court. If they are illegal in the sport they are doing then the doctor who gives them to the person. that is how people get addicted

if doctors were the only place they get them i would agree with you, but they arnt. the majority of steroids are bought off the net or in gyms. because of that the doctor’s position may be one of “if  i dont prescribe this to him, he will use black market gear with no medical supervision, lets try to minimize the potential harm”. i bet that is the main reason they do it, harm reduction. i think those are better doctors, they actually do care and are willing to even put themselves at risk to try to reduce the harm done to their patient.

By that logic they should prescribe methadone to their heroin addicted patients.

hate to be blunt but you are dead wrong

doctors do not prescribe steroids to compete with drug dealers or supervise use

there are two main reasons…the first is terminal illness like AIDS or Cancer where one’s body starts to break down.  Steroids will delay and in some cases, reverse these effects…although not permanent. 

The other is what is called HRT…or Hormone Replacement Therapy.  This is for men with extremly low testosterone production, or people who have had gene therapy or modification.  you would be very very hard pressed to find a doctor prescrible steroids to knock off the local dealer.

oh ya?

WTF are you talking about? doctors do prescribe methadone for heroin addiction, what do you think methadone is for?

To get them off drugs not to provide them a “clean” source.

tell me then, who do you know thats taken methadone and was able to get off of it, its actually more addictive than heroin. meth is a lifelong addiction, its just as strong as heroin is, and the withdrawl from it is worse than the heroin. thats why it is reffered to by addicts as “liquid handcuffs”. if you dont believe me, try it. :smiley: when you start methadone maintenance (notice its called maintenance, not withdrawl) after three days at 40ml they get the addict to take a huge dose , then back it off till your “normal”. they then leave it there unless you want to come off of it. the idea at that point is that keeping an opiate addict clean is almost impossible. the never ending relapses with life swinging up and down are what does the damage, not the drug itself. the idea is now they dont have to steal or other crimes to feed the monster, so they get bored and do other shit like go back to school, or get a good job. once you start the methadone there’s usually no comming back, the war is over, you have surrendered. thats why lots of them dont want it, it seems like your forever surrendering to it. in the north here its a complete cluster fuck for them to even obtain methadone, no doctors in prince rupert prescribe it, yet heroin is plentiful. our experts in medicine in this country have told our useless government what to do because they asked, but they ignore it, it doesnt sit right with their  christian ideology. they discuss it over a three drink lunch.

First off, Heroine addiction and steroid use are like comparing cars and houses.  Two very different things.  If you want to argue for methodone use, that’s one thing, it’s an addictive drug that stops dopamine production in the brain, therefor making the body and mind crave it. 

steroids are nothing of the sort.  Not even close.  You don’t have an argument on this, doctors do not, and you can ask any of them on this, give people testosterone/anabolic steroids to monitor or compete with other drugs.  There are only two reasons.  that’s it dude.  argue all you want, but pick your argument, and know your facts. 

You think about it clearly, he is a doctor who prescribes medicine! He in all probability knew what he was doing and knew there were consequences! Why should he not be held accountable for his actions. In court they can and probably will prove that he consciously and willfully gave his patients steroids. As a doctor unless he got the certificate to practice medicine from a cracker jack box he more than likely was fully aware of the consequences that accompany steroid use.

You make some valid points, but some steroids are used for medical purposes (i.e cancer patients and other illnesses that attack your immune system) would it really be rational to attack the supplier when they supply these drugs for medicinal purposes and unfortunately some people use it too get the edge in pro-sports?

Lets say you are a bystander watching a guy get the crap beat out of him and you do nothing except watch. The guy later dies, while you watched, could you sleep at night knowing that you just stood by and watched? Sure the context is different, but the principle remains the same!