Arctic Construction pulling out at the coal terminal

Any idea what’s happening with the coal terminal expansion ? And why did it get shut down before completion ?

Spoke to RTI management, Arctic is currently doing surveying work on the site that doesn’t require all of their crew on site. They are still under contract and will be resuming work in the new year.

Oh don’t let the idea of a Christmas break get in the way of a good old fashion Prince Rumour!

So does that mean Ridley is open to the public again?

To answer one question, the gates are still manned and public access is restricted.

From what I have heard Arctic’s contract was for an “x” amount of earth (mud) to be moved. There is more mud than was expected, and bid on, so now they are negotiating with RTI for the $ amount to move the rest. RTI apparently believes they had a set amount per tonne for overage, Arctic seems to think it does not.

Well that’s an alternative interpretation than what the Northern View acquired.




LOL, though I did have to stare at the screen and think for a bit.

They have incurred huge expenses on this job but have continued forward .I hope R.T.I. will realize the longer they squabble about a few thousand meters of mud the longer the rest of the project falls behind .They talk about what’s in the budget but this company’s bid left millions on the table .There all ready set to go! they hire locals , so why not buck up and get the job going.Then more jobs will open up for the next phase.

So you went from knowing nothing to knowing the financial details? Must have really dug fast, or you were associated with them before your original post.

Just because!! Is that a better response?