Like dentist Michelle Moller of Halifax,  Cardinal Sin of the Phillipines, and ornithologist David Bird of McGill.  I really like the van der Leek roofing company

Here the link:

homepage.mac.com/chapmandave/apt … ndex2.html


Any local examples? Funny doctor’s names?

I once visited a dentist named Dr. Hacker.  And I think there was once a OB/GYN in Rupert named
Dr. D. Vine (or could have been Dr. De Vine, not sure.

Many years ago before Da Kine, there was a teahouse on 4th Ave in Kitsalino called Harry Krishna’s where you could go stock up on whatever psychedelic of choice you desired.
I remember waiting for a bus out front and noticing a Medical Center next door that listed a Dr. Payne, a Dr. Butcher and a Dr. Cutter…