April Wine , Performing Arts

Sure looking forward to hearing and seeing April Wine this evening . Seeing the boys from West Island and maybe share some old memories
with Brian Greenway and the boys.

I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with this version of April Wine. Brian’s vocals were muddy from where we sat, but I thought it was a great show, anyway. I’d guess it was pretty much a sellout!

A few loud, opinionated d*^kheads didn’t throw them off for long. Good guitar solo’s and fencing; awesome drummer, even if he messed up the band’s intro to one song, due to monitor/headphone mix problems. About 2 hours, all their classic hits, a Beatles’ medley, and oh yes, did I mention…nice and LOUD!

Great to see another musical legend at the PAC, sorry, Lester Centre. Kudos to whoever was responsible for bringing them. Keep ‘em comin’!


PS It was way too loud for my wife’s liking, and she agreed about Brian’s muddy vocal mix.

We really enjoyed it also but I have to agree with the volume! I think with a venue as small-ish as the PAC it was a tad too loud. We were in row G and I could feel the bass right to the bone! The music was great, nice to hear the tunes we kind of forget about over the years but again, with volume so cranked, hard to hear the words. Had a fabulous time and all you folks in Terrace who haven’t bought tickets yet? Go, April Wine is well worth the price and more !! Thanks guys for visiting our town and giving us a great show ! Rock On !!

Saw them just a couple years ago in pickering on. , free outside in the park was a good time it was just before the original drummer died. Sure can tell who’s lifers from rupert “it was too loud” hehehe, its supposed to be that way all real concerts are like that as a matter of fact I found April wine not all that loud. You want loud go see Judas Priest, saw them with black sabbath at molson ampitheatre last year and holy shit make april wine seem like church band, kiss also louder than hell my ears still rang when i got up the next day nock ya dead loud I was 3rd row and the sound preasure made it actually hard to breath it would push your breath out of you. That is loud. :smile:

Well , I enjoyed the evening with My Lady and the music of April Wine , many of the songs were flashbacks . I did question why the security was hanging around the stage ? Maybe there to stop all older chicks from storming the stage or throwing their blummers on stage , just joking it was really to stop people from enjoying a dance or two which is unfortunate . Had breakfast with Brian Greenway this morning at the Crest where we talked about our old days. Good breakfast and good to get together again.