April Wine Concert

Anyone out there catch the concert last night and what is the general concensus? Always was a great band…Give us the scoop please as I hesitate to admit that I copped out due to the venue they played at…No offence intended, just not my scene…Thanks guys!

April Wine is still alive?

I went and saw it last night.

They were good, didn’t play for as long as I had hoped (between an hour, and 1.5 hours, I think)… played most of their big hits. April Wine was a little (that is to say, a lot) before my time, so I don’t really  know much about them, but someone was telling me that the lead singer is the only original member still there.

But man, Gypsy Queen live blew away the album version.

The bottom line is that I can think of far worse ways to spend $30. The crowd was predominantly in their 40s (people who all had an anecdote like, “I saw these guys back in '83!”). Another indicator of the expected crowd was that Coors Light was on special :wink:

Eso beat me to the punch, so in honour of his attendance at the Winefest… :unamused:

From St. John’s city to Podunk town and everywhere in between,
As long as there are small town bars,
April Wine will play Gypsy Queen

Hi Eso,

This is Brian Greenway from April Wine. I have some friends here in Prince Rupert who turned me on to this site. Glad you enjoyed the show.

I just wanted to correct the understanding here of who is in the band.
Yes, Myles Goodwyn  (lead vocals, Guitar) is original from the beginning in 1969 in Nova Scotia.
Jerry Mercer, (Drums) joined the band in 1973.
Brian Greenway (Guitar,Vocals) joined in 1977. 30 years next month!
The only new face is Breen Laboeuf our Bass player who replaced Jim Clench in January of this year.

More information can be found on our web site at www.aprilwine.ca


The Wikipedia article on April Wine is also pretty informative.  I just read the whole thing.


Hey, thanks for clearing that up! When somebody said that the singer was the only original member, I took that to mean that all the rest of the people that were performing were just studio musicians who got signed on for a single tour or something like that.

Regardless, I hope you guys can hit up Prince Rupert again on your next tour :wink:

I love that TPB episode where they kidnap Alex Lifeson of Rush, and Ricky is trying to get him to prove that he’s the guitarist from Rush, and he says, “Go on, play something. Play ‘I Like to Rock’.” and Lifeson says, “Dude, that’s April Wine!”

And that joke recurs 2-3 times throughout the episode.

Yeah I spent some time with my friend Brian Greenway at the Rupert this afternoon well yesterday afternoon with my giorlfriend and we let him know about the mention re originals. Good to see him after all these years . Room 508 was rockin , thanks for clearing that up Brian and catch you later in Hudson. Codybear 5 had a good time as well.