April 13, 2029

April 13, 2029. Somebody call Bruce Willis:


For the pessimists with the glass half-empty;

[quote]Impact Probability: 2.7e-02

2.700000000% chance of Earth impact


1 in 37 chance


and for the glass half-full optimists:



97.30000000% chance the asteroid will miss the Earth [/quote]

When it was first sighted, the chances were more than 1 in 100. Then they upgraded it to 1 in 69, then 1 in 42, and now this.

I think as it gets closer, the observations are more accurate.

I’m taking Lorne Elliot’s advice and heading for Sudbury. What are the chances of it being hit by a meteor twice ?

Actually, by the time it arrives, we’ll have a good defence:


Pshoo pshoo!

by 2029 we will just blow that shit outta the sky man.

Bah, old news. That rock now has a 1 in 56,000 chance of hitting Earth, and that won’t even be until 2037.


No kidding, with all the shit about weapons in space, im not worried about some rock.

If I’m lucky and a jealous husband hasn’t shot me, I’ll be 81 years young then.

I’ll still be young and ripe.

How many nukes whould you think it would take to blow that thing to shit?

by terms today maybe 3?

by terms in 2029 maybe half a nuke?

So in 2028 we should just chuck about 3 nukes at it just in case.