Apple Watch Series 8

My Apple Watch Series 8 arrived a few days ago. It’s the black 45 mm GPS model. It tethers quite well to my iPhone. I did consider the Ultra, but $1100.00 was too much to pay in my opinion. The battery lasts a good day; I charge it every night. I justified it to myself that I needed it for work. I started a part time job at Walmart on June 1st. :slight_smile:


Congrats on both: the Watch and the job…what’s your next goal?

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Thanks chien22! I appreciate that a lot. I’ve been retired for several years. The part time job is fun. I’ll do it as long as I enjoy it. I don’t have any other goals at the moment. I’m looking forward to visiting my 20 year old in October in PG.

Apple Pay works well with the watch tethered to my iPhone in my pocket. Cool. :slight_smile:

Apple Pay will work just fine even if you don’t have your phone. It doesn’t need Internet. It’s up to the merchant to process the transaction.

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Didn’t know that thanks. :slight_smile: