Apple selling unlocked iphones in Canada

Apple is selling unlocked iphones in Canada.

Excuse my ignorance but… whats the difference between locked and unlocked.

Bing it!!!

No seriously I think locked means that the SIM card is with a particular carrier and you would have to stay with that carrier,  where as an unlocked phone means you can get a SIM card from any carrier. They lock them so that you stay or are loyal to one carrier.

i believe for a small fee, locked cell phones and be unlocked.

does this answer your question?

if i’m wrong, someone feel free to correct me.

That is true for some locked phones, but you have never been able to get a factory unlocked iphone in Canada before.  This is great news.  Because now you can buy a pay-as-you-go sim card when traveling and use your phone where ever.  So, before no calphone company would unlock an iphone in Canada.

First the unlocked Nexus One, and now the iPhone 4.

I am going to faint…