Apple Care Works

I just wanted to post about my very positive experience dealing with Apple. My daughter’s iPad has a defective volume button. I contacted Apple and they sent me an empty repair box to send the iPad in for repair and evaluation. I shipped off the iPad and they shipped it back to me. During transit the iPad was severely damaged; the metal backing on the iPad was punched in rendering the unit nonfunctional. I phoned Apple this morning and they’re shipping a new iPad free of charge to my daughter in the next 2-3 days. I’ll be shipping the damaged iPad back to them. Apple Care works! I’m happy after this very positive experience.

My 14 year old received her replacement iPad today. :slight_smile:

Good to hear.

I’ve always had good success with AppleCare, especially at the Apple Store itself.

But when I can’t get to an Apple Store, they also do “advance replacement” if you ask – they send you a replacement device, and a box to send in the damaged or defective device.

My kid dropped my iPad on the driveway a while ago, and broke the screen. He told my wife “if we put it in the garbage, Dad won’t get mad, because he won’t know it’s broken.” hahaha! AppleCare replaced it.

AppleCare will also replace batteries etc. So if your AppleCare is about to run out, download something like Coconut Battery and check your battery. If it’s not healthy, call Apple and ask for a replacement :slight_smile: I think if it’s below 80% capacity or some arbitrary number like that, they’ll send you a replacement.

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