Apartments in Prince Rupert

I’m moving and wondering what people think of the OASIS apartments? What about the town homes on Drake Crescent across the street too? Quiet? clean? Good property managers? Any other suggestions for pet-friendly accommodations in Rupert?

If the Oasis is managed by the same idiot that was there when I rented, I would stay away, it was some guy an his wife who was there. It is not what it’s advertized to be with a hot tub which looks a little bigger then your bath tub. Hydro is very high and too many little people running around, in other words a baby factory.

I believe the Drake townhomes are being turned into strata units.

Maybe try the Skyline Manor across from the Hospital or the Harbour side downtown by the Gaming centre

Skyline is a quiet building, ie: no parties, no kids, and if you have a decent sound system you won’t be able to use it.

I don’t think there are that many “Pet Friendly” apartments in Rupert…The Harborside is a really nice place, a little expensive but last I heard, no pets.  You might want to think of renting a suite, of which there are quite a few and if you visit one of our real estate offices, they should supply you with a list of the rentals available. If you are looking for a house, there is a nice half duplex availabe on 11th. East between Alfred and Conrad.  Big, pet friendly and nice size back yard. Great neighborhood also !!

why rent an apartment when you can buy a trailer or a small house ( i know the pickings are slim) then you can have/do whatever you want to

Check out Macro Properties.  They rent out a lot of stuff.  Their office is right accross from the museum.