Anything new in rupert?

so whats going on up there…any new exciting news i should know before we head up there

nope nothing new at all… atleast i dont think so…

I suppose the new cruise ships could be considered new ?

And the mill isn’t open so that equals more sunshine, and in the near future there may be a new restraunt + club. Few things to look foward too…yay

Quite a few tradesmen in Kitimat seem to think that New Skeena is opening this summer. Apparently they are going to start making chips in Terrace for the pulp mill in Rupert. Fricken eh!

I eagerly wait for the announcement of positive news.


I eagerly wait for the announcement of positive news.[/quote]

I eagerly wait for this good news to finally stop, rumors are bad. They taught us that in kanata school in grade 7 (rumors - bad, truth - good). Seriously someone started a rumor and it hurt some poor kids feelings, this constant news will hurt many peoples feelings (or just make em angry and start walking out, god knows where).

Off to magic I go…maybe

I hear that DJ Tux plays a doctor on TV.

Thats right, you can find me on Days Of Our Lives tommorow I sit in my office and eat cheetos while doing surgery…how good am I ? Good