Anyone use Vonage VoIP?

Just wondering if anyone is using Vonage VoIP phone service?  I know of one person in town using it, and he seems to like it.

What’s the quality like?  I’ve used Skype with a headset and it’s decent, but not great.

Personally, the last thing I need is another phone :wink:

I just got rid of my cellphone, and I never answer my home phone either.  90 % of my calls are always somebody asking for computer help, the other 10% are tele-marketers, so it’s best not to answer my phone at all!

How much is Vonage?

I have vonage, it well sucks. Quality is ok if you dont call at peak hours but you can expect an echo or just brief periods of silence. It might be alittle better with citytel’s faster upstream but on shaw it sucks.

I will make a few calls and there will be no ring just a dead line or people will call me and get voicemail instantly even though im home. It just isnt worth it and I will be picking up a new cell phone in the next few weeks.  I believe i pay 39.99 for unlimited canada and US calling and 500 minutes overseas or something? check for the actual pricing i just pay the bills i dont add em up :wink:

ShawDigital has more girth than King Kong!

Shaw’s digital phone runs over their own private network not over the internet thats why it is better :wink:

I know that person you are talking about too. ( i think )  Well we talk on it all the time i personaly hate VOIP we use it at work and it’s always being rebooted. I thin total value of our’s at work is over $80k. When i talk to my friend in rupert it goes on and off quiet and clear some times is to quiet. For it to be worth it is if you call the states or over seas alot, other than that it’s useless.

We use voip at work its a nortel system and it works great, are you sure your work isnt having bandwidth issues?

I use DolphinTel at work, similar but the $39.95 pkg includes 33 other countries including Oz/NZ, HongKong, etc.
Ran it over a heavily used 4.5/1024 DSL and it was often choppy, so I wired it right into an E10. It seems to be fine, often can’t tell from telco copper, sometimes a little echo.
One thing that seems to always happen is it degrades the longer the call lasts. Sunday calls to Ma in the senior’s home usually involve hanging up and reconnecting if they go over 1/2 hr.

I know a couple people approached me about it as their Vonage blows over a std Telus ADSL. Those were the only 2 checking it out in 3 mos as the agent for Dolphin around here, but I do live where people know it can’t possibly be any good if it isn’t advertised on tv. You know, like AMD. Those x2 chips must be shit because there’s no blue man ads during the Superbowl.

I’ve used Vonage VoIP now for quite some time, started using it last October. Every once in awhile I’ll make a call and there is a bit of a lag in the conversation, but then I run upstairs, stop azureus and make the call again and its fine. I’ve never had a call go directly to voicemail or have had any friends complain about it. Most of the time the ringer has just been muted  :smiley:

Only once have I had digital distortion, and again, that just required hanging up and recalling.

Once you’re signed into your vonage account, you can select the quality of the call under Features, then Bandwidth Saver down with all the other options.

31.99 a month, after taxes, 36.47 a month gets me unlimited calls across north america free, and whoever I am calling doesn’t have to have vonage; vonage doesn’t even have to be in that area. My bill is never over 36.47. If only my Blackberry were that much per month  :smiley:

And thats why I dont like vonage :wink: I shouldnt have to end my call and call back due to the shortcommings of the system. Another problem I have had is making calls and it not even ringing, I still have vonage but will be replacing it this week since I got my rebates a few days ago.

[quote=“eminent”]but then I run upstairs, stop azureus and make the call again and its fine.


I guess you dont really understand it do you, the vonage box (I am assuming you have the linksys router)  should automatically do QOS for you but it doesnt. Vonage is a wonderful idea but until they actually upgrade their equipment to handle the capacity I wont use it.  Today for example I tried to call vancouver island every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Everytime I called I would get no rings only a voice saying “all lines are busy”.

Shaw is going about it the right way and creating their own separate network for their digital phone service. Vonage would be very smart to partner with someone like telus and do the same thing.

I do understand you, and yes, i have the linksys adapter on a dlink router, on a telus high speed adsl line.

My point being, the only reason i have to recall (which is rarely) is because i forget i have azureus running on my computer.

Doesn’t telus, compared to shaw, have dedicated lines to a household compared to shaw’s line/providing to an area/neighborhood? I haven’t noticed any problems on either shaw or telus high speed. My friends who are on Vonage here in langley, vic, and van don’t experience any problems with it either, and long distance calls are made quite frequently by them to family back home from either their dorm or where they live, and they’ve never had any problems with distortion, lag, busy (unless who they are calling doesn’t have call waiting…who knows, maybe the line IS actually busy), or random disconnection.

That’s not the device I meant, I meant the router with the vonage kit built into it I have it and qos sucks.

If they setup the system properly the voip packets would be prioritized and torrents would be last priority see my comment above.

Lucky them, I am not alone with vonage problems see below: … S:official

The line wasnt busy, I didnt receive a busy signal vonage’s system was busy, most likely they had no pots lines available on the island leading me to believe they have expanded too fast and cant keep up with demand.

Like I said in my last post, vonage would be very smart to pair with telus as they have cable from coast to coast and would be able to create a private network for their voip service rather than running over your internet connection. This to my knowledge is what shaw has done, your voice packets run over their private network rather than through your internet connection.

well, what do you expect when you type in “vonage sucks”?

the same could be said for “jesus sucks”

or “vonage rocks”

obviously when you use a strong search keyword like that you’ll get redundant results of different people who spammed every possible forum because they had 1 bad experience with vonage when it was new on the market

i’m gonna call my friend now on my vonage phone and then go drive to whiterock…bye.  :sunglasses:

And I am going to cancel my vonage service since it has been replaced with a reliable means of communication. We will have to just agree to disagree because vonage was not a good or reliable service for me.

Wow, I really wish i read more thourougly before signing up

Yes. If you cancel your account within one year of activating your service, Vonage will apply a $49.99 CDN cancellation fee for each line that is cancelled. However, if you cancel within the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Period, the cancellation charge will be refunded providing you contact Vonage Customer Care at 1-888-898-8647 to advise them that you wish to cancel your service, and then follow the steps outlined by them. Generally, if you purchased online and received your shipment directly from Vonage, you will be asked to return your Vonage device within 14 days of cancelling your service in order to receive a refund of your cancellation charge.[/quote]