Anyone see the Sopranos finale?

So what did you think, I thought the last five minutes were pretty intense and the ending was pure Chase, you never know what is coming just like a mob hit…

Throw out your theories on the fate of the Family S below.

I don’t think anything happened at all in the blank part.  Though all the creepiness of the possible hitmen and stuff, I still thing everything was just fine.  They ate their meal then went home.

Awesome episode, especially those last few minutes.

I think this is the first show in about a year or so that I watched “live” instead of on the TiVo. 

I’m going to miss the Sopranos.

Me too, it was one of the great shows from TV land.

I thought the use of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ was just perfect, even the lyrics to the song reflect the kind of existence of Tony and his families (both types) and the building momentum of the song added to the frantic camera shots of the diner patrons.

Perhaps the boy scouts in the end were the ones who sent it all to black, their good deed for the day! :unamused:

Great episode, leaves everyone talking about the show as it comes to an end.

Chase has this TV thing figured out quite well.   

I always found myself dreading the points where he would go to see his shrink. I know what they were trying to do, and I’m sure some people found it fascinating, but I just felt like the show would drag on during those parts. Thank god I was able to forward through it.

The ending was really no surprise to me. There was no way they could put together a closer for the ending that wouldn’t piss off one side or the other of the audience. I Just knew they would come up with something that would keep people guessing.

Well, I never saw an episode and I have been told I have missed a great show so will give it a chance in rerun land but as it is all the major networks are leading off with this a.m. then obviously it brought in the viewers assuming the “end” would come for Tony and I think that was all about great promo, great publicity.  Leaves the audience waiting for a movie…Possible?  And besides, it takes the “heat” off that ditzy, woe is me, Oh I can’t stand jail without my hair extensions and makeup brigade, PARIS Friggin’ HILTON!!  How does someone with the IQ of lint arouse so much interest or anger as in some cases…

So here’s some homework for those with time on their hands and access to the entire Sopranos DVD collection seasons 1-6

From the TMZ site, somebody who heard that there was a method to the strange ending for the Show on Sunday…

Go to the comments section and read the synopsis from #2

If there’s some sense to his ramblings, Chase was rewarding those that really, really pay atention I guess…

At any rate I guess the ending has done what was hoped, it has people talking about the show.

The TMZ article also explains how some folks were so upset with the ending that they attacked Chase’s wiki entry… be better off renting the DVD’s and looking for clues eh! … iki-entry/


… I see dead people.

LOL, wrong show, though hey  perhaps if there’s a follow up movie, Chase can get the crew from Dead Like Me to walk into the diner and give a few taps on the shoulder… :unamused:

I think the poster was basically saying that a lot of the people in the diner were already dead.

Yes I see that.

I’d like to see one day, an entire evening of tv devoted to different shows flowing into each other, say Tony Soprano ends up on Law and Order sent to OZ blah blah blah.

Then we could all turn off our tv’s for good. :unamused:

Don’t stop… believing…

This to address Cobybear5’s comment about Paris whoever , you must take it in consideration she was brought up as a spoiled little rich girl . She probably never had any friends to call her own except the Ben Franklins and whatever on Crappy Tire Money. She will probably find God in jail and come out and change her ways . Watch and see .

On a related note, I saw post-its from Dead like me up for auction on Ebay.

COOL i loved that show

          AH, Shame on me then for my lack of compassion!!!I agree though  she could find God in jail IF she knew how to read…Her idea of the BIG BOOK is Cosmopolitan and she only looks at the pics!!! I don’t want to watch and see, thank you, but I am sure Larry King will devote another hour to her release and she will have someone write a book for her about her experiences in the medical ward of the facility or was that the psych…????