Anyone got an older laptop or Palm they want to sell?

After being in BCIT for a month, I’ve come to the conclusion that my note writing is both ugly, and much slower than my typing. As such, if anyone has a Pentium-level laptop w/CD-ROM, or a Palm III/VII/M100 for sale for a good price, I’d be willing to take it off your hands.

The reason for those choice of Palms is because NCIX always has a keyboard that works with them on sale for $1. Laptops I’m not too fussy about. This won’t be my everyday computer, just something that will be used to do notes in class with. I doesn’t matter if the battery holds a charge or not either, as I will always have power outlets available in class.

Being in college, funds are limited, so, the cheaper the better. Thanks. create a log in and surf there stuff… example

Satellite 4100XDVD - PII400MHz, 128MB, 6.4GB, 2-4X DVD, 14.1"TFT, 56K V90, Grey $425.00

I’ve got a Dell Lattitude LT uhh 233 MMX I believe. I paid $230 for it but I don’t use it much anymore. Get ahold of me if you’re interested.

It has come to my attention that TranscendingRationality and myself may or may not have been causing trouble at Solly’s last night.

Palm III, I have, yes. IIIx, I believe. or IIIe, or something, yes. I have.

Any pics of the shiners?

Watch out for those Dells: … ecall.idg/

Don’t critisize a Dell… blasphemy!!!
God uses Dells. Dells are the greatest computers ever built. They’ve never made a single defective unit, their phone techs are ALL PhDs, they’re cheaper and better than any other model and even if it’s crushed by a steamroller Dell will send you a replacement (with all your software and personal files intact) absolutely free, overnight guaranteed, even in Germansen Landing or Metakatla, for free!
My friend’s buddy told me this, and he’s a goatherder so he knows!

Those other brands, well the guy trying to tell you otherwise is not giving you a deal, he’s out to make a living. Dell doesn’t care about profit!

Calma, calma … I’m not out for blood, just bringing a product recall to your attention.

Meanwhile, I feel like taking a bite out of my Apple, so I’ll see you in Dell!

Me and my sister have my dads old laptop thats like type writer.

My new one has to much computer not enough type writer.

Dells are great machines… they just take a good skilled person to get them apart. : O )