Anyone else see the strange light over by the port

so there was a light over the port tonight looked a lot like those videos from Norwaydownload

Did you get a photo?

crappy video of it…

Post it! Was it a big spiral?

yes was a white spot in sky moving towards and over the port then it did the spiral thing. just getting crappy video ready

Kang and Kodos been drinking again! Call MADD

so the moon is below the light like i said crappy video

I welcome our new alien overlords.

It might have been this.

would we be able to see it from such a distance, my first thought was a rocket… it was about the same time…

Yes you would, people in other areas along the coast saw it too.

wow so cool … Thanks Gracies_Mom for figuring it out, the wife watched it for a few min before calling me out to take video of it…

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Woah, this would have freaked people out…

Astro, what time was your sighting? About the same time? Was it to the south?

Edit: looks like it actually launched to the south from Southern California. The first orbit brought it pretty near Rupert, over the Pacific.

Ya Mig… same time. It was very cool. Wish I had better video it was far better in person.