Anyone else listen to sublime?

i only know about 3 people that listen to them, excluding myself.

I used to listen to them years ago… does that count? I have a few mp3’s that I’ve been known to listen to on occasion.

They were great. After Bradly died tho and nothing new came out you can only listen to the same cd’s over so many times… They were big back when I was in grade 10 :smile:

I still listen to Sublime.

Wrong Way is a sweet song.

fcuk yeah i do!!! they are pretty good … my brother got me into them a long time ago

haha same


Caress me down <3

Sublime was a primo band. I think I’ll go smoke two joints.

yea… not so much was tho… they’ll live forever in cd’s and mp3’s and whatever other form. like all the old jimi stuff. Really makes you feel old tho when someone starts the topic asking if anyone listens to em and says they know only a few others who do. What are they listening too these days thats more great then sublime?? :smile:

justin timberlake