Anybody played with Chatgpt yet?

Has anyone had the chance to play with CHATgpt yet?
Just wondering how people are responding to it?
It seems impressive - at first glance…

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I had no idea what that was. Googled it and it seems interesting. Have you used it a lot?

Used it last night for the first time…because of the recent release and publicity it took a couple of days to gain access.
Asked a very general question about a subject that I find interesting and have a fair amount of background knowledge and was surprised by both the immediacy of the response as well as the form of the reply - sentences and paragraphs.
I can see both benefits (especially as a student) and draw backs.
It will be interesting to hear how others react.

Ask it to write you a python program to do something.

Like “write a python program that finds all prime numbers under 1000.”

Pretty neat.

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For the past few years I have been trying to find a way to convert my slow cooker and similar recipes for cooking in the Instant Pot branded smart pressure cooker. It hit me week ago to ask ChatGPT to do it… and it did! Will be trying it out soon with the newly converted recipe… wish me luck!

I use it quite a bit. Was down yesterday :frowning:

I want to make a quick uploader that will allow me to drop in a photo (from a computer or phone), and return a unique URL for it. I asked chatgpt to make me one using php and javascript, and add some CSS styling to make it responsive. It did a decent job.

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