Any singing talent in rupert?

I might be moving down there to manage a couple duplexes and rent em out. I produce music on my pc … been doing hip hop and r&b lately but i’ll be making ambient, and your basic electronic stuff. Any talented vocalists down there?

Nope… we only have people that sing kareoke at the Commercial then think they are good enough for Canadian Idol.

We have some great bands here though.

Come watch sweet charity the musical on March 25th-27th I will be in that, along with a lot of other good singers. Should be a good musical!

It takes a fair bit of talent to be a horrendous singer.

And now for something completely different.

I wish I could sing.

Wow awesome

I also produce music on my pc using such instruments as Reason - FL Studio - And alot of VSTi’s. Unfortunatly I dont see alot of singing talent around here in town unless if you count drunk people who like to sing kareoke :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to find some fairly talented vocalists I would go around sites like ic-musicmedia or other places to do online collaborations, takes a lil more work but pays off in the end