Any racing fans here?

Rexall Edmonton Indy is this Sunday.


Mostly Nascar, and I used to watch a lot of (Cart Series) before cheering for our Canadian drivers, Paul Tracy, Alex Tagliani, Patrick Carpentier, and the late Greg Moore.

I used to be one of those snobs who looked down their nose at NASCAR, but that was along time ago.  There’s too much money in it and money attracts talent.

I’ve been to lots of NASCAR races now and will be in Indy tomorrow for both races thei weekend.

I was at Greg’s Moore’s first win in Milwaukee (1999?).  It was uber cool.

Always been a P.T. fan.  He makes things happen, just like Kyle Busch.

Yah, Tracy sure keeps other drivers on their toes.  :stuck_out_tongue:
I remember a few years back when him and Alex Tagliani ended up in a confrontation after they both were out of the race.  I believe that was at the Toronto Molson Indy too.

For Nascar, I’m a big Jr. & Stewart fan.  :wink:

That was at San Jose.  Good stuff.  :smiley:

Bakerwriter looks forward to the Thursday edition of the Daily News as that’s when they list the Nascar items each week…  He likes to sit down with a slushie and see who’s in the winners circle this week :imp: