Any one from Tarrace?

me and my frends are geting bored sitting up at the Ndub dorms WE NEED OUT!!!


I’ll beleave he is asking for sujestions on what to do in terrace.

go play at just kiddin good bouncy castel.

There’s dorms for NWCC? And you went to them?

uhh. name people you know from terrace already and your own name and it would help. im not going to hang out with no-name strangers.

Strangers like my mother said (old school)…I will be in Terrace on Friday…

well i know a Mike, he lived in jack pine his parents own the pawn shop, dustin from thronhill and his bro, he drives a lifted chevy with a flat bead. There are soime others but i dont know there names.

And my name is Cai… some people know me as jesus.

Haha, either Jesus or The Guy Who Blew Up His 2.8. Version 2. :smiling_imp:

Everytime I see Cai’s name actually written out, my first reaction is cold air intake.

And everytime I see a post from you my first reaction is “hot air venting”.


Obligatory Eso link:


Obligatory Eso link:[/quote]

That’s what comes to BigThumb’s mom/wife/sister/daughter’s mind when she thinks of me.


This is what some readers said:

No wonder it’s called ESO.

the joke that keeps on giving.

Kind of sad that there isnt enough events that can bring both towns youth together.

Mostly because Terrace is full of shitbags.

Don’t foget hicks, they have hicks too. And not the cool hix kind either.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a FEW “cool hicks” in Terrace. My husband and I used to host parties for them every weekend when we lived there. Besides, there’s nothing nothing like getting drunk on horseback while trekking through the back-country at night, and being so drunk that you’re relying solely on your horse’s eyesight to HOPEFULLY lead you home. Oh, the good 'ole days…

you people are not very helpfull.