Any hacks for the new i pod touch

i really like the new ipod touch, are there any hacks so it can play divx files?

do they sell those in the source now? I thought I seen them but didn’t ask about them.  just picked up a new router after mine died one me.

Just convert them to h.264 mp4s:  or something like that.

Thats what i do

I use isquint

works great for me

why when you go to the isquint page, it shows a comparison of iSquint to VirtualHub right on the main page, and basically the comparison shows VirtualHub Owning iSquint?

not good for possible end users, but there also may be something I don’t understand about it =\

Opps did i say isquint… sorry i use visualhub

iSquint and VisualHub are by the same person.  iSquint is free and will do what you want, no problem.  If you want more options, then you pay for VisualHub.

Smart marketing.  But if all you want to do is convert video for the iPod, then you don’t need all those other features.