Any Car Audio Experts in Here?

I can’t find a worthy dash adpater/kit to mount a cd player in an 02 pathfinder chilkoot… I bought the generic one here in town, (same as the one on ebay) and it doesn’t fit… even if it did, it would look like crap. Google isn’t helping me out any with this, so if anyone knows of a company or website that specializes in higher-end dash kits or adpater plates for Nissan trucks, please let me know!!!

If I can get by this annoyance, I’ll soon be asking WTF questions about the built in amp(s) and whatnot… This is much more complicated than the firebird!

I have one for you , check out ,should be able to solve any pathfinder problem here.

I’ve found the pathfinder forums to be useless, but thanks. I threw up a post on that forum jjust in case.