Any Boxing Fans?

Just wondering if any of you are boxing fans?? Big fight tonight. Jermain Taylor vs. Bernard Hopkins. Gonna be a good fight. Anyone interested??

I think Hopkins “The Executioner”, will rule some ass.

At least is not gay wrestling.

At what point does gay wrestling actually turn into gay porn?? I have trouble seeing a difference.

I’m hoping that Hopkins pulls it off because he is one of thise boxers that comes around once every 20 years or so. Taylor though is an Olympic Bronze medallist that is bigger and faster. It should be a good tussle.

I was refering to wrestling as being gay, but now that you ask, tell me when to stop…:

Now I stopped despite you saying it or not.

So if you think that wrestling is gay is that part of your gay porn collection?? :smile:

No, thats in a different folder. Thats googles collection.
Speaking of which, googles #1 image search on wrestling is…

Taylor beat Hopkins by split decision anyways. I’m a huge boxing fan so any of you out there who like it…post too.

Must have been a great match to watch. I only have cable…stupid cable.

I only have cable too. I have a few friends in Terrace with Direct TV so I watch alot of the pay per view with them. Solly’s shows them most of the time too.