Any BBC "Sherlock" fans here?

If so, have you watched the series 2 episodes yet?

I watched season 1, and I have season 2 queued up. But it may be a week or two before I get to it. Catching up on Downton Abbey :smile:

I really liked Season 1, and I see that Season 2 has some of the classic Holmes stories (well the titles, anyway). Still can’t take “Tim from the Office” seriously as Dr. Watson, Arthur Dent or Bilbo Baggins!

See, I never have watched the original “Office” (not a Ricky Gervais fan) but there has been at least one occasion during watching “Sherlock” that my daughter and I have yelled, “You’ve forgot your towel!!!”


Season 2 does carry on with some of the original story ideas. I hope you will enjoy it!