Any 70's Westview Elem. Attendies?

I would love to hear from anybody who attended Westview Elem. school during the 70’s

I was a King Edward student, all 8 years of elementary, is westview the one up at the very top of 2’nd ave?

Yeah that is the one.

GO KING ED BUMBLE BEES  :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to Westview from '75 - '82.

Do you remember Teachers: Miss.Winter & Mrs. Scott ?
Also did you know, Suzie Gaber, Norman Brettameyer, Bobby Clark ?

I went there in the 70’s, also remember Susan G, Andy P, Mike C, Lorne Z Mrs Cobb, also remember the trip to Digby Island, wow what a week that was.

The only name on that list I remember is Suzie Gaber, but that’s not through school.  Those teachers may have been ther in my first couple years there, but I don’t know who they are.

During my time there, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Tarr were the principals.

Bobby Clark ?[/quote]

Now where’s Kharlamov?